Deal-making is all about being in the right place at the right time, with the right terms. That requires speed, flexibility, and a sensitivity to the interests of all parties involved. When you retain an attorney to represent you, you need the same qualities.

Our attorneys have over 75 years of collective experience advising clients in most aspects of commercial real estate transactions. We have drafted leases, negotiated loans, guided complex transactions, solved title problems, created joint ventures, formed entities, and above all, closed deals. We have “sat across the table” from lawyers from some of the largest firms, local government officials, and national and high-profile retailers and developers, acting on behalf of clients ranging from institutional lenders, to shopping center and mixed-use developers, chain-store tenants, big-box retailers, film studios, family offices, law firms, educational institutions, and the classic “mom and pop” business owners.

We’ve seen all sides of the practice of law, at international and mid-size law firms, boutiques, and solo practices. Wherever we have practiced, we have always been driven to keep our clients’ interests paramount, and to anticipate their needs and concerns so that we can help contribute to their success. We believe that joining together in a firm that specializes in real estate transactional work is the best possible way to continue to deliver focused and personalized service to our clients, while at the same time taking advantage of, and building upon, the expertise and knowledge of our team of attorneys.


Typical property buyers or developers will form a new entity for each property they acquire. Taking title in your own name, or as a general partnership, is the simplest approach, but that doesn’t provide the protection of an entity that affords limited liability.